Retirement Savings, Investments and sometimes even giving it away – Money that is!

Money allows people. You me and the neighbours down the road to live a lifestyle. The ‘style’ factor is simply determined by how much or how little money you have at the time.

Vault Financial Services provide a range of options that allow you to:

  • Protect the assets and items you value – these are the tangible items – the car, the house, the contents.
  • Help manage the risk for your business and its people
  • Protect the intangible and probably MOST valuable assets you have – your health, life and ability to earn more money!
  • Find ways of making more.. money that is
  • As well as find you’re a comfortable place to put aside some of the accumulated funds – under the mattress is not the best option!

Our Financial Advisers are engaged directly by Wealthpoint Limited which holds a financial advice provider licence.
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